Read on to find out how Archaeologist and Historian Gillian Hovell Got Herself on BBC Radio Twice Just After Starting On Our Level Up in Broadcast Course

Check out our latest video with our clever client, the Muddy Archaeologist and historian aka Gillian Hovell has been featured as a top expert in her field on two BBC radio interviews since she started getting trained and coached by our founder Kerry Hopkins since mid-January 2021. This is frankly EPIC as it takes many months in and of itself to learn our trade.

So how did Gillian do it?

Gillian signed up to our Up in Broadcast Group Training, Consulting and Coaching programme. On the programme, we give away videos, audio files and downloads that you can watch and listen to around your schedule in your own time. Then Gillian was a regular at our twice-weekly group live coaching calls where she got 1 on 1 time with Kerry and her team, where we could answer her bespoke questions and give tailored bespoke strategic high-level advice.

Kerry basically gives all her tricks and skills away for her clients to COPY her. So that they can replicate the success she has had getting other people on TV and radio, for THEMSELVES. Without the need to hire a retained PR agency, BUT if they chose to do that (We 100% also recommend that for sure in many cases) then we train and guide their PR or entire PR team, to be AWESOME at broadcast PR, as they will just ooze awesomeness and results for their clients.

Gillian used the new tools in her new marketing armoury, in March 2021 and got on BBC radio the same day! Then a few weeks later, following one of Kerry’s strategic actions, she got on another BBC radio station!

We are only in April of our 12-month programme, so Gillian has a long way to get and she truly is an amazing on-air expert so we will be seeing her on TV and radio again, not just across the UK, but the world. Why? Because her area of expertise is something the Americans love, it’s something the Italians are connected to as well.

Gillian is BRILLIANT TV gold and has everything it takes to be a TV presenter in her field, as well as a radio presenter plus an expert guest on shows. Are you interested in scaling your profile and business? If so, book in for a quick chat with me, here is our booking diary for Kerry Hopkins:

If you’re a producer and want to book Gillian Hovell you can message her directly.

Here is the video!

Archaeologist and Historian Gillian Hovell

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