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Public Relations Agency in London and Nottingham, highly specialising in broadcast PR as a broadcast PR agency. Journalists search the broadcast-ready TV and broadcast experts on our expert video database here.

About Broadcast Ready PR

Broadcast Ready PR was established on the 15th of August 2013. The CEO Kerry Hopkins is one of the UK’s top 5 PR experts at including TV and radio interviews for her clients, usually on a regular basis.Broadcast Ready PR is hugely successful at putting our experts forwards to piggyback on the existing and planned news agenda. We carry out proactive communications on a client’s own story on broadcast, print and online media. We believe in giving a high-quality end to end client experience for our clients and the journalists we serve. Broadcast Ready PR own the Broadcast Ready digital media platform for journalists to search videos of broadcast-ready verified experts to invite on their shows. We run an Expert Women campaign and the Broadcast Club for Women. We do broadcast and print media training and we train PR’s in how to deal with the broadcast media too. We can be hired as broadcast consultants for your business or campaign too.

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Why Broadcast Ready PR

“From the very first moment I met with Kerry Hopkins I knew that her incredible knowledge & expertise, her fierce work ethic and her passion, would propel us to a new level. However, she has already exceeded even that lofty expectation! I would recommend that any individual or business who wants to improve their positive exposure should work with Broadcast Ready PR.”
Simon Lancaster

Founder & CEO, SJL Insurance

“We are really delighted to work with Broadcast Ready PR. We’ve worked very closely with Kerry and her team over the past six to nine months, and we’ve had fantastic results”
A Director

the world’s largest polling firm

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Women on TV

Women on TV

We are delighted to have the recent FTSE 100 / House of Commons story that was announced by the non-profit Broadcast Club that our CEO Kerry Hopkins runs, printed in the Newark Advertiser newspaper.

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