Broadcast Ready is one of the UK’s leading broadcast communications agencies, and have got clients on TV and radio news in the UK and across the world. We also do print, online and social media too.
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Broadcast Communications representation and PR

We provide PR retainer contracts highly specialising in broadcast PR for in-house PR departments, corporates, companies, organisations, PR agencies and individual experts to get them the highest number of TV and radio interviews possible. We operate at the highest level and have the results with some experts getting over 100 international and national TV and radio interviews within one year. We have five main services as follows:

Full service all media communications agency retainer

Broadcast Ready is a full-service all-media communications agency, that heavily specialises in broadcast communications. We get our clients in newspapers, magazines and online. We get them on radio and TV on a regular basis. According to a TNS poll commissioned by Broadcast Ready – the audience believe that TV is the most credible and believable medium for a person to get on. We can also manage your social media, particularly around broadcast marketing assets. We ensure our retainer clients’ end to end experience with us is of utmost satisfaction. We provide a high value service, focusing on excellence.

Hire us for a project

Do you have a campaign or story you’d like to get broadcast coverage on? Do you just want to get someone on TV and radio a few times, perhaps on the back of a story? Something else? Either way, we offer broadcast PR project work too. We are hired by direct clients or their PR agencies who need a bit more support or direction on broadcast. We live and breathe broadcast communications day in, day out, and our connections and results mean that we are one of the UK’s leading broadcast communications agencies.

Take the pledge – get an edge – put a budget on account

We get lots of opportunities coming in for TV and radio appearances which journalists want our clients to fulfil, and it can be frustrating at times when we have to turn those opportunities down. We also create opportunities when talking to journalists about other things. It’s essential to be able to move quickly when they come in, and it’s not the time to start negotiations about fees needed for us to set up interviews and to put all the logistics in place when producers are clamouring for confirmation. Think of a budget that is suitable for you and that will cover our costs and input, pledge that money on account and then everything is in place for when the next opportunity arises.

Broadcast Ready Club

Our exclusive broadcast club is by invitation only. Apply to make us aware of your interest in becoming a member. We’re carrying out a FTSE 100 poll and the results will be announced in the House of Commons with experts, MPs and journalists present. We would like more volunteers so please also get in touch if you’d like to become a volunteer. We have some glamorous and exciting things on the radar.


Training for spokespeople and PR’s

We run media training for where spokespeople are trained in a way where we also focus on intonation and performance, as well as messaging. We run speaker training sessions. We run Broadcast PR workshops for PR’s whether in-house or at a PR agency.

Used by journalists across the world, including at:

“It’s great to have a ‘one-stop shop’ for interviewees who are ready, willing and able to talk in an engaging way on camera”






Angus Walker,

Correspondent, ITV News

“Broadcast Ready is an excellent resource for journalists – especially for those seeking to widen out the number of contributors they use. It offers a good range of diverse voices on different subjects. Kerry is fantastic to deal with and has a can do attitude – she’s always happy to help. She’s especially passionate about diversity and increasing the number of women guests used by broadcasters” A BBC Television News editor

“Broadcast Ready has been really great for me in the past year, at coming forward with some great guests, particularly women, on stories that I’m working on day to day and having someone that just brings me an expert guest, is really helpful.”



Naomi Kerbel,

Bloomberg Television

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