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We’re broadcast ready. Are you?

Do you have a desire to go on TV and radio as a guest expert? You know it also makes significant commercial sense, but you’ve done nothing about it yet or not enough. Have you done a TV interview and lacked confidence and polish, or just not as been as good as you feel you could be; so really want more practice to get your technique nailed?

Have you been on TV, but it was a long time ago? Do you want to get your message across confidently and go on broadcast news and current affairs shows again and again? But does facing Piers Morgan fill you with fear?

Broadcast Ready TV, radio and press media trainers have a wide experience of media training Chairmen, CEO’s and senior directors from leading companies such as Samsung and Schroders plc. We have also trained many entrepreneurs, influencers and professionals like lawyers, mental health and medical professionals. We have worked on set across London and LA advising celebrities including Zara Tindall and David Beckham.

Breaking news 24 hours a day, the Internet, cell phone videos,  Zoom interviews plus social media have made a demand for information more immediate than ever before. Are you ready to face the press at a moment’s notice?

The session will cover:

  • How to be a credible guest on TV
  • Robust TV Interviews training personalised exactly to your business and your personal background
  • Being interviewed three times by a TV or radio journalist
  • Vitally important intonation training, to give you the edge and ensure the audience actually listen
  • Test drive in the safety of a TV studio or your home or office in what it will feel like being an expert on the news

You’ll receive tips and practising techniques to take home with you. 

If you’d like TV media training, then fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you the same day if before 3pm or the next morning if after 3pm.