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I love to hear from my clients on the impact working with me has had on them and their business. Below are some reviews taken from interviews with current and past clients. This is an ideal way to show you the real impact that working with me can have. 

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Naomi Murphy Testimonial
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Dr Naomi Murphy

Michelle McGrade Testimonials
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Michelle McGrade
Finance & Investments Expert

Naomi Kerbel Testimonial
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Naomi Kerbel
Head of Newsgathering

making a Billion Testimonial
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Making £1 Billion working with Broadcast Ready

Case Studies - see the work we do for our clients

“I have been trained by Kerry on her broadcast PR course. One thing that is certain is a saying that they always used to use for New York University where I did my undergraduate training. If you give a man a fish you feed him for the day but if you teach him how to fish you feed him for life. I feel like I've learned quite a bit about how to fish for media contacts and perform from my home studio, so much so that I got myself on BBC TV national news several times as a legal expert on the Britney Spears conservatorship story and the Ghislaine Maxwell/Epstein stories.”
Dr Jean Cirillo Broadcast Media Training Broadcasters Academy
Dr Jean Cirillo
USA Attorney and Licenced Psychologist
"I give the Up programme 10/10 and 5 stars for content, relevance, accessibility, ease of us and approachableness. It's great to be on the programme and to benefit from Kerry Hopkins's specialist knowledge. Kerry Hopkins delivers in a warm engaging manner and gives real examples. I am really enjoying being on the programme and being coached by Kerry. I love the website platform, love the fact the videos are different lengths. Some of the videos I can just listen to rather than watch which means I can multi-task which is a great use of my time. I have been on national BBC TV News and BBC Radio amongst other media."
Dr Naomi Murphy PR Coaching Broadcasters Academy
Dr Naomi Murphy
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Octopus Psychology
“Working with Kerry and her team has been invaluable and an eye opening and exciting experience. Kerry is fantastic at her job. I valued Kerry's ability to listen, her attention to detail, and after offering me a detailed consultation - her willingness to expertly develop a meaningful and bespoke media training, coaching and advisory package for me. This helped meet my specific learning needs and improve my confidence in front of the camera and on radio.

  "While working with me, Kerry was clear in her directions, honest in her constructive feedback, and showed a energising willingness to work with me. Through her patience and encouraging interpersonal style she helped me to step outside my comfort zone and into the world of media.

  "Since working with @KerryHopkinsTV I have been on Netflix, Channel 5, BBC 10 O'Clock News, BBC News Channel, BBC London TV News, BBC London radio, BBC Radio 4 Today programme, the Metro newspaper many times, the Sun newspaper, the Guardian newspaper --- to name a few

  "Because of my editorial appearances, I also feature as the psychologist on many TV series such as "My Lover, My Killer" on Netflix, "Sex on the Couch" on BBC 3 and other shows. "It is a step that I am glad that I have taken and I am enjoying the experience of seeing where our work together will go I would recommend Kerry to anyone who wanted to really develop their media presence regardless of their level of media experience. I look forward to continuing working with Kerry."
PR coaching Dr Roberta Babb tesitmonial Third Eye Psychology Broadcasters Academy
Dr Roberta Babb
Clinical Psychologist, Third Eye Psychology
“From the very first moment I met with Kerry Hopkins I knew that her incredible knowledge & expertise, her fierce work ethic and her passion, would propel us to a new level. However, she has already exceeded even that lofty expectation! I would recommend that any individual or business who wants to improve their positive exposure should work with Kerry Hopkins.  

  “Today in March 2019, we have only been working with Kerry Hopkins for 2 months, but we have already achieved tangible success. Our staff are buzzing and the place has literally exploded with these phenomenal results, our website has seen a big spike in views in one day by 4,000% in one day and my own personal biog page on the website increased views by 3,100%, our message has hit millions of people and we have seen a big upturn in enquiries and sales. We partnered with Kerry Hopkins company - Broadcast Ready PR - initially to gain us media exposure, but the partnership has since grown to them also taking over all of our PR – including our social media, our website, SEO, strategic partnerships, events, press and broadcast and all of our SJL Insurance Service's external communications.”
Simon Lancaster headshot SJL Insurance
Simon Lancaster
Founder and CEO, SJL
"Kerry is a consummate professional, with well-rounded experience across all the key PR mediums, she grasps the brief intuitively and is well-tuned into the client. On top of that, Kerry is a real pleasure to work with."
David Burrows headshot on white
David Burrows
Managing Director, Business Strategy, Worldwide Affairs, Microsoft
“Kerry Hopkins's company, Broadcast Academy, lives up to its name – Kerry made sure I was ready for TV interviews by coaching and teaching me to trust myself and bringing out the best of me. I was forced onto TV against my better judgment, and after a short while, I started to enjoy it and I was in demand. The sheer high volume of interview opportunities Kerry Hopkins brought me was astounding. But Kerry never let me get ahead of myself and she issued honest feedback, which kept me grounded and broadcast-ready! Thank you Kerry because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have the media presence that I have!”
TV media training TD Direct Investing and Virgin Money Michelle McGrade testimonial Broadcasters Academy
Michelle McGrade
Former Chief Investment Officer now NED, Formerly TD Direct Investing and Virgin Money
“Kerry successfully completed her MA, a few years after graduating as a PG Dip student from City, in TV Current Affairs. To get the masters later requires real hard work and commitment as well as brains and Kerry has them all.  

"Her film and dissertation was on Women in TV Comedy and she got funny, imaginative interviews, door stepping Ian Hislop, and with access to commissioning editors at high levels. Kerry is a great worker, capable of really original stuff and unexpected thinking. But she is also down-to-earth and straightforward and comes up with original ideas."
TV interview training City University London Professor Lis Howell testimonial Broadcasters Academy
Professor Lis Howell
Former Director of Broadcasting, City University London
“I got on BBC News and Sky News a short time after signing up. Kerry Hopkins provides an excellent service for experts with something to say to a bigger audience, but without the contacts or experience to break into the world of television.”
Broadcast media Energy Pro Dr Steven Fawkes training testimonial Broadcasters Academy
Dr Steven Fawkes
Director, Energy Pro
“We are really delighted to work with Kerry Hopkins. We’ve worked very closely with Kerry and her team over the past six to nine months, and we’ve had fantastic results.” The client got circa 100 TV and radio interviews through the Broadcast Academy.
TV Media Training
Ghost client
Director, multi-million pound political polling and research company
“My client, leading businesswoman Nikki King OBE, former MD and now Honorary Chairman of Isuzu Truck UK, has only been working with Kerry Hopkins since January and she has already been lined up for BBC News and Sky News to discuss the budget. I would not have got Nikki on these programmes without the Broadcast Academy and I strongly recommend their services to other PR agencies and major corporations.”
Broadcast PR services testimonial Broadcasters Academy
Nikki King OBE
Former Chairwoman, Isuzu Truck UK
“Kerry Hopkins has been very proactive in alerting us to new opportunities and we have secured TV news interviews as a result of this. This raises the profile of the Royal Aeronautical Society and shares our members’ knowledge and expertise.”
TV media training testimonial Emma Bossom Royal Aeronautical Society Broadcasters Academy
Emma Bossom
Head of Press and PR, Royal Aeronautical Society
“I appreciate the role that Kerry Hopkins has performed that has resulted in TV news and online video interviews. In my case it has introduced me to a new generation of journalists who could not be expected to know me from my commentaries on earlier crises in the Middle East.”
Broadcast media training rofessor Rosemary Hollis City University London testimonial Broadcasters Academy
Professor Rosemary Hollis
Department of International Politics, City University London
"Kerry is not just an interesting and strong person to be around, she is also charming, funny and engaging--a real people person. She is a positive force and a great leader. Kerry is in the top of the UK's most connected communications' professionals in the broadcast PR industry. It is a pleasure working with her.”
TV interview training Veronika Monell Jump Start Now testimonial Broadcasters Academy
Veronika Monell
CEO, Jump Start NOW
“Kerry has helped me improve the profile of our company by securing me for the Papers Review on Sky News as well as introducing me to some extremely useful networking organisations which has resulted in on-going contracts. She is extremely honest. If she feels something isn’t right she will say so. She doesn’t take your money if she doesn’t think she can help, so the advice and backup you get is great value and very successful.”
PR Agency Diana Mather The English Manner testimonial Broadcasters Academy
Diana Mather
Director, The English Manner
“Through Kerry Hopkins, I’ve had more broadcast media opportunities than I have had in the past year – all in within one month. Kerry’s a whirlwind of energy who is passionate about interviewing her clients to improve their skills. With her guidance and training sessions, I feel so much more confident.”
Gina Miller SCM Direct Broadcast PR Services Broadcasters Academy
Gina Miller
Director and Brexit High Court claimant, SCM Direct
"As our primary interface for the Cisco European PR team, Kerry brought both creativity and a considered approach to the account. She brings an understanding of the consumer side of technology to bear which was particularly helpful in making complex subjects and concepts understandable to a media audience. She is a consummate professional and has great media relationships.”
TV interview training Marc Musgrove Cisco testimonial Broadcasters Academy
Marc Musgrove
Director of Corporate Communications, Cisco
"I first met Kerry at during preparations of O2's sponsorship of North Pole Solo 2002. My involvement was as expedition photographer and expedition spokesperson hence my close involvement with JCPR and Kerry.

"The media coverage of the expedition went global and the PR return based on advertising placement of O2's sponsorship was some 40 times more than the original investment! Kerry's help and guidance during this fast-paced event was attentive, concise and spot on. We continue to keep in touch and liaise on projects.”
Broadcast PR coach James Finlay testimonial Broadcasters Academy
James Finlay
"I found Kerry a hard-working, enthusiastic and capable colleague with a close eye for detail and a determination to deliver results.”
Broadcast media ITV News Alan Hayman training testimonial Broadcasters Academy
Alan Hayman
Former ITV Morning News Programme Editor, ITV News
"Kerry is bright, fun and as a journalist is a real professional who knows what she's doing and does it very well.”
TV media training ITV News Tim Rogers testimonial Broadcasters Academy
Tim Rogers
Former TV Journalist, ITV News
"Kerry is a determined and well-organised professional who consistently delivers. She is passionate about what she does and was a tremendous help in bringing in much-needed material from the ITV regions for the bulletins."
TV Media Training
Marc Cue
Former Producer, ITN Productions
"I was delighted to have the opportunity of working with Kerry. She is a consummate professional with an eye for spotting a story where others might not.”
Live interview Text 100 Frankie Lambert training testimonial Broadcasters Academy
Frankie Lambert
Former Account Director, Text 100
"Kerry is a great strategic thinker with creative ideas and great delivery.”
Broadcast PR coach University of Plymouth David Alder testominal Broadcasters Academy
David Alder
Chief Marketing Officer, University of Plymouth
“Thanks for an excellent media training session today. Great to see you in action. You really know what you’re doing here. Great choice of team too.”
How to get on TV Tactix Jacqueline Abbott-Deane testimonial Broadcasters Academy
Jacqueline Abbott-Deane
Director, Tactix


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