Today is #internationalwomensday, International Women’s Day 2021

Since 2013, myself and the Broadcasters’ Academy have:

? – Directly coached and consulted at least 52 women

? – Secured hundreds of TV interviews for women

? – Secured hundreds of radio interviews for women

✍️ – Inspired thousands of women with my press articles

? – Put on numerous TV and radio events for potential Experts and PR’s with a total of several hundred in the audience overall

? – Put on an event in the House of Commons with a 100% all-female panel including the ITV News editor and a Diversity director at the BBC (I also included a male MP but he couldn’t make it due to having to vote that night)

?- Put on an event at the private members’ club the Lansdowne Club with 100% female panel consisting of a female doctor psychologist, female Member of Parliament (MP, equivalent to Senator), and female TV presenter from Channel 4 News

?- Held events at TNS Kantar whereby I organised the female Head of Newsgathering at Bloomberg, female professor of TV journalism at City University London, female General Secretary of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), and female Series Producer of ITV’s The Agenda to be on the panel (two males were also on the panel)

? – Trained junior women

Head to our Contact Page to see how we can help you and your business move forward to help promote women through media. We believe by celebrating international women’s day 2021 we are helping to promote women in the workplace and in high-ranking jobs. International women’s day 2021 is a way to show and help companies find more value in not only using men but women to front their business in the media.