Should you go on GB News?

I feel troubled that PR’s are asking if they should put their clients on the new national TV news network, GB News. 

Left wing PR’s comment: ‘No don’t, it’s far-right’ or ‘I’ve read it’s right wing so I don’t put my clients on it.’

Then the PR who asked the question comments: ‘Ok I won’t out my clients on it then’

Wait. Whaaaaatttt?!

This way of thinking is frankly limited and perhaps kinda selfish (as the PR is peddling their own political views and letting it influence client work, maybe?). 

I honestly can not believe the brainwashing that people are allowing with regards to this matter. But I do know that most people can get brainwashed. So let me set this out for you.

If you’re a PR and asking if GB News is right wing and should you put your clients on, honestly, you must realise you’re being brainwashed by social media. All companies need to get in front of voters of all political parties, so yes, getting on on GB News is key to reaching a new audience. 

Newsflash! Don’t believe people’s opinions without doing your own due diligence on GB News.  How do you do that? By watching different GB News segments during the morning, afternoon and evening. 

GB News is a new start up channel, and so talking about it won’t keep it on air, viewing figures will. So start watching it on Freeview Channel 236 preferably to add yourself to the viewing figures or watch it live now here on YouTube.

If you watch it, maybe you will be shocked that they’re covering conversations that are going on in other households on your street, every street, in the UK. 

These people commenting and posting against GB News could be peddling their own political values, or, are so brainwashed they’re just regurgitating what they’ve already read without even watching it enough to realise it’s not far right. If it was far-right, Ofcom would have it taken down off air.

Remember, far-right extremism is actually illegal in England, it’s against the law, so how people think going on GB News will mean they’re far right extremists is just…weird.

Even more so, most of the UK voted right wing in the last General Election, so indeed GB News is satisfying the majority. So does right wing mean you’re a bad person with a bad reputation? Well no, if you think that, given Labour voters turned to Conservative in the last General Election, you’d not have many friends. I repeat, the UK electorate won the majority to win a right wing government. Yeah, so the majority of this country are wanting a right wing government. The UK has been centre-right for a long time.

There is nothing wrong with right wing, there is nothing wrong with left wing. People are getting confused with far-right terrorism of which yes there is something wrong with that hence why it’s illegal.

Why would GB News be so bad if it’s right wing? Right wing does not mean Osama Bin Laden or Adolf Hitler. That’s far-right terrorism and extremism, not the same as right of centre or right wing. 

But business is business, so more on that shortly.

When I’ve watched GB News you have gentle discussions between Nigel Farage on there and a Labour MP. You have former Labours MP’s as presenters, like Gloria De Piero. You have the TUC trade union on GB News. All that is hardly extreme right wing. All that sounds like is that GB News is giving a platform for views from all sides to get more of a balanced debate.

So the thought that it’s a cesspit of utter far right TV, that Ofcom would never allow, is brainwashing nonsense that some of you are believing, when it is inaccurate. So if you’re a client of a PR, make your own mind up whether you want to go on or not, as their counsel could be biased, and they could be one of those PR’s I am reading posting in facebook groups.

What I do like about GB News is that you can watch the presenter and guests having a good long conversation on topics. Conversations that last half an hour if needed. Contrast that to the 2 minute argument on other TV News bulletins as they try to cram the world’s news on their bulletins, then GB News is a refreshing watch. I actually switch it off having learned a lot of opinions, facts and different sides of the story, all said in a nice chatty way with no shouting or talking over the other person or aggression that normally makes me turn the sound off but which producers of some shows love.

You have the likes of Alastair Stewart OBE presenting and former BBC presenter Simon McCoy, these men are extremely knowledgeable and credible. In fact when I worked at ITV News, we used to call Alastair a walking encyclopedia set. He knows so much. OK so Andrew Neil left, but that was really down to the horrific sound problems, technical issues and production issues that plagued his shows when the channel first launched. He was also told he’d have no guests on his show after all, a few minutes before going on air.  That’s bound to erk someone who’s had professional support before and is at the top of their game! 

Plus Andrew said he was not consulted on important decisions, given he was Chairman, such as who should be the political editor. He didn’t leave because it was far right. Had there been no ongoing technical issues, two studios not one, and he was consulted more on important matters rather than just told the decision by the CEO later, then I feel sure Andrew would still be there. But so what if he isn’t? 

Regardless, if you voted centre right or right wing, you should definitely be trying to get on GB News or getting your client on it, as it’s a new show and needs all the viewers it can get to survive a competitive industry. 

If you believe in having some more centre or centre right shows, as well as left wing views, then you should be watching it and trying to get guests on.

If you’re left wing, again, you should be trying to get on it to peddle your views to a more right wing or free speech audience. Why do you think the Conservative Party go to Manchester for their political party conference? Manchester is a Labour heartland. Because if you just go to places where your fans are, you’ll never attract new voters.

If you’re left wing, you should be going on it in order to reach a new audience, or to get more brand recognition. Whatever your political views, getting on a TV news shows will help you sell more products or services, raise more funds and increase your revenue. That’s the job of PR and marketing. Also to increase your reputation, and it will certainly most likely increase in the minds of viewers watching GB News. Alot of people don’t like Channel 4 News or Sky News or ITV News or BBC News, but does that stop you putting your clients on there? No. So you should have the same approach with GB News as you’re there to do a job.

“GB News needs all the viewers it can get as it’s a start up, so tune in to support it. It’s on Freeview Channel 236 and streamed live on YouTube here”

Let’s remember, there have been left wing news agendas for decades. So yes, the left wing agenda has left and right wing views, but the agenda is left wing. Not a lot of people even realise it’s a left wing agenda because of brainwashing.

As someone who lives in Great Britain, I like the fact GB News covers more stories from across Great Britain than regular news bulletins.

People will keep spreading propaganda, so it is best that you simply watch GB News to educate your own mind so you can counsel your client professionally and objectively. 

But like I say, whatever your political views, they should not come into it, as it’s about getting the chance to reach potential and existing clients via the power of GB News.  Your opinion about whether you enjoy watching it or not is arbitrary. It’s of no consequence. If you’re a PR or a smart business person, you’ll go on it to reach a wider audience. That’s if GB News will even have you of course.


Have you got your client or yourself on GB News yet? Has this blog helped you take the next step or formulate your opinions a bit more on the pros of going on?

Putting yourself forward or your client to get on all TV news shows, including GB News, is something I teach my PR clients and spokespeople how to do on my Up in Broadcast programme.

To your success,