Full service all media communications agency retainer

Broadcast Ready is a full-service all-media communications agency, that heavily specialises in broadcast PR. We formulate a client’s annual PR strategy, messaging workshops, give strategic counsel, do media relations across broadcast, print and online media, social media, internal communications, company newsletters, blogs, campaigning, reputation management, we carry out due diligence and investigation before making announcements on behalf of our clients, media management, lobbying, media training, podcasts, production of content, outside broadcasts (OB’s), videos, and everything you could need from a PR company.

We welcome direct clients, and we give PR agencies the chance to hire us purely to do their or their clients broadcast PR and we can also publish the client’s broadcast success on social media for them too if they need us to. We hand hold clients along the way and are there for them when they may need us before an interview. We ensure our retainer clients’ end to end experience with us is of utmost satisfaction. We provide a high value service, focusing on excellence.

Contact us on kerry at broadcastready.co.uk to meet for a coffee?

Hire us for a project and take the pledge


Do you have a campaign or story you’d like to get broadcast coverage on? Do you just want to get someone on TV and radio a few times, perhaps on the back of a story? Something else? Either way, we offer broadcast PR project work too. We are hired by direct clients or their PR agencies who need a bit more support or direction on broadcast.  We live and breathe broadcast communications day in, day out, and our connections and results mean that we are one of the UK’s leading broadcast communications agencies.

We welcome direct clients, and we give PR agencies the chance to hire us purely to do their or their clients broadcast PR and we can also publish the client’s broadcast success on social media for them too if they need us to. We hand hold clients along the way and are there for them when they may need us before an interview. We ensure our retainer clients’ end to end experience with us is of utmost satisfaction. We provide a high value service, focusing on excellence.

We get lots of opportunities coming in for TV and radio appearances which journalists want our clients to fulfil, and it can be frustrating at times when we have to turn those opportunities down. We also create opportunities when talking to journalists about other things. It’s essential to be able to move quickly when they come in, and it’s not the time to start negotiations about fees needed for us to set up interviews and to put all the logistics in place when producers are clamouring for confirmation.

But if you’re a member of one of our Clubs or a subscriber to the database and you want to hear about all the opportunities that are relevant for you, we have a new option for members and subscribers who are not yet ready to commit to a regular retainer.

Think of a budget that is suitable for you and that will cover our costs and input, pledge that money on account and then everything is in place for when the next opportunity arises. Want to know more? Contact us on 44 (0)7900 981 751 for a chat or email expert at broadcastready.co.uk

The Broadcast Club

The Broadcast Club is separate to Broadcast Ready but on here because the founder of Broadcast Ready set up the Broadcast Club and we are awaiting the Broadcast Club’s own website to be built. So in the meantime here’s what is included.

Membership includes:

  • Zoom webinar Q&A training course with senior broadcast PR guru and former broadcast journalist, Kerry Hopkins
  • Poll of the FTSE 100 spokespeople
  • Annual media event
  • Inspiration, education and facts on how getting on TV and radio can commercially benefit yourself and your organisation
  • Access to networking events involving the media
  • Access to bespoke broadcast media training specifically for expert women (additional fee payable)
  • Access to the one-day PR course for FTSE 100 PRs on broadcast media (additional fee payable)
  • Access to spokespeople insights of FTSE 100 firms to benchmark your firm against, if available
  • You can use the Broadcast Club logo in your internal communications, website, LinkedIn profile and social media.  Show that you’re a Broadcast Club member on your LinkedIn page summary to boost your credibility and add our logo. We are creating a Broadcast Club page that you can also add showing you’re a member
  • Getting noticed by more broadcast media
  • We can’t guarantee that your application will be accepted – we select only the candidates who we’re confident will benefit from club membership – but we want to hear from you if you think you and your company could be a contender 

Club membership rates:
Per company: Annual membership for all spokespeople and up and coming spokespeople within a company and the PR’s and marketers 
Per person: Annual membership – please enquire within

Training courses


Media training

We’re Broadcast Ready. Are you?

We can run media training at your offices, in a studio, or via Zoom video calls.

Our media training includes Confidence training, questions answered drawing on male and female psychology plus image advice.

Do you have a secret desire to go on the news as a commentator? You know it also makes commercial sense, but you’ve done nothing about it yet? Have you done a TV interview and lacked confidence, or just not as been as good as you feel you could be; so really want more practice to get your technique nailed?

Have you been on TV, but it was ages ago? Do you want to get your message across in a sure-fire confident style that could mean they’ll phone you back to get you on air again, and again?

But does facing Laura Kuenssberg fill you with fear? Broadcast Ready’s media trainers have a wide experience of media training Chairmen, CEO’s, women, and senior directors from leading companies such as Samsung, Schroders plc, NBrown plc.

Breaking news 24 hours a day, the Internet, mobile phone videos, Skype interviews, and social media have made a demand for information more immediate than ever. Are you ready to face the press at the drop of a hat?

You’ll learn:
• How to be a credible interviewee on TV
• Experience being interviewed several times by an international journalist in a professional TV news setting
• Get the all-important intonation training to give you an advantageous edge
• The chance to get a show reel produced of your best take
• Test drive in the safety of a TV studio or your office in what it will feel like being an expert on the news
• You’ll receive tips and techniques to take home with you as homework and ongoing practice and an assessment as to whether you need more coaching or not

One day broadcast TV, radio and documentary training course for PR’s at your office

  • How to handle TV journalists and which TV journalists you should be approaching
  • Pro’s of syndicating footage across the UK and globe
  • Maximise the use of content the broadcaster created for your use digitally, and how to use on social media
  • How to respond if you get told off by the broadcaster
  • Annoying questions not to ask journalists
  • Knowing the different types of interviews as it could mean the difference between your spokesperson getting on air, or it ending up on the cutting room floor
  • How to talk the journalist’s lingo to build trust and confidence
  • Ofcom regulations
  • The commercial reasons why you should have male and female spokespeople
  • How to uncover many more stories that your corporation and spokespeople can comment on
  • How to maximise all your chances to get your client on air
  • The best type of Press Office layout
  • Questions and concerns from you that you’d like to talk about

Speaker training

Learn how to speak in public with impact, and without fear.

Expert Women

Expert Women

The Broadcast Ready Expert Women campaign was established in 2013. It helps increase the pool of expert women for journalists to choose from. The campaign is results driven – not just talk – which means we work with journalists to secure interviews on the news for our Broadcast Ready Expert Women.

The BBC, ITV News, Channel 4 News, Sky News and 5 News are being monitored on a monthly basis as part of an initiative called Expert Women. Broadcasters including Sky News and the BBC have targets to try to get more Expert Women on air.

What’s vital here is that corporations select good female experts as their company spokespeople, as well as males. It’s essential that the public relations departments put in a continued effort over many years ensuring that they are putting forward expert women to get on air. The more broadcast interviews experts do, the better they should get at it, Jeremy Corbyn is an example. He didn’t used to be very good on TV at all, until he got a lot of practice at them during the General Election. If this campaign is sustained over just a few years, it will just be a vogue trend rather than evolutionary change. So, if you want to be part of an evolutionary change for yourselves, your generation and generations to come including your daughter(s) if you have one, we need to act now – not just discuss it.

Corporations, broadcasters and women need to financially invest time and money to achieve the goal. Contact Kerry Hopkins for strategic counsel to help your PR department achieve their goal.