Broadcast Ready has been working with nationwide high profile criminal defence law firm, Mary Monson Solicitors since March 2021. Mary Monson Solicitors was established in 1979 and the firm is a family owned private office with the two brothers doing high profile TV, radio, newspaper interviews and documentary appearances. Since partnering with Broadcast Ready, the two brothers have featured on hundreds of national TV, radio and newspaper interviews, and documentaries every year without exception.

Not only that, one of the brothers, Joseph, featured as the narrator of discovery+ “Inside the Heist” and on several episodes as the crime law expert.

Another case with a premiership footballer and former captain, they did joint PR to help him tell his story to the media, of which Broadcast Ready managed and directed everything. The story was so newsworthy, that the exclusive in the Sunday Times that we got, meant that every single British newspaper picked up the story from the Sunday Times; as well as every single Australian newspaper. Broadcast Ready had pitches from TV shows in both Britain and Australia wanting interviews with Joseph Kotrie-Monson and the footballer.

Broadcast Ready has already secured high-profile on stage speaking engagements for Joseph Kotrie-Monson at CrimeCon Scotland and the True Crime Awards 20024 in London.

Mary Monson Solicitors are a valued client not only because the brothers care about their clients, but because crime is in the news everyday and the firm has worked on some major news stories, so Broadcast Ready can position them to react to breaking news stories and planned diary stories across the UK, US, and Australia with more certainty. As well, of course, as well as out what stories internally should be publicly told.

Before we take on a client, we always consult with them to see how newsworthy we think they can be, and how much more newsworthy we can make them; in order to assess if the brand is a good fit for us.

Here is Mary Monson’s Coverage and Speaker Book from June 2023 – 31 May 2024 (the file is huge so screenshots of interviews and coverage take a while to load). Contact us now to schedule a call back