Read below to find out how FX Trader Patrick Reid makes a 750% increase in revenue

Watch YouTube video chat with Patrick Reid Adamis Principle who by Week 4 of working with Kerry Hopkins increased his revenue by 750% by following her proven digital marketing and PR strategies.

On 11 March 2021, Patrick from the Adamis Principle who teaches traders how to trade more profitably, began working with Kerry Hopkins, the founder and CEO of the Broadcast Academy. By 10 April 2021, Patrick got a 592% Return On Investment that he had paid the Broadcast Academy and increased his revenue by 750% in those 4 weeks in 2021, compared to the 4 weeks in 2020.

How did Patrick do it?
Patrick Reid Adamis Principle became a new client of mine and signed up to our global online Broadcast Academy’s Up in Broadcast Coaching and Consulting programme. His first win was that he got on Reuters within Week 1 of working with me further to our broadcast PR coaching. He used that editorial coverage as marketing collateral for Stage 2. Stage 2, being to follow one of my proven digital marketing strategies. Patrick learned it on the course he’d signed up for with us. Then boom! A 750% increase in revenue resulted immediately by Week 4.

That’s it, that’s how FX Trader Patrick Reid makes a 750% increase in revenue within 4 weeks of working with us.

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