Broadcast Ready PR November Newsletter

by | Nov 19, 2019

Broadcast Ready PR are now official BBC 50:50 Project partners
We are delighted to announce that we are now an official partner of the BBC 50:50 Project.
The aim is for all the panellists at our events to have 50% men on them, and 50% women on them. Since 2013, we have also been recommending the benefits to our audience and clients of ensuring you have both male and female media spokespeople.
L to R: BBC TV news anchor Simon McCoy, Kerry Hopkins, BBC 50:50 Project journalist Nina Goswami and ITV News acting editor Rachel Corp at the inaugural Broadcast Club House of Commons launch, featured in several newspapers and magazines

The Broadcast Club’s campaigns have inspired volunteers to come forwards to offer their help in carrying out the next survey. Potential sponsors have also come forwards to sponsor the next event by providing the venue, food and drinks. Sponsoring one of our events will do wonders for your company, due to the audience and panellists our brand attracts and positive newsworthy message we carry. We haven’t decided who we will chose as our next sponsor yet, so there is still time for you to get in touch and put an offer of interest on the table.
Left to right: Simon Lancaster, founder and trustee of the SJL Foundation, with the national business award winners and judges

The formula for a good news story

The formula is CHIEFS which has six ingredients. C for Controversy, H for Humour, I for Information, E for Event, F for Finance and S for Sex/Shock/Scandal. You need two elements for an average news story, three for a good news story and more than three is compelling. Don’t have a newsworthy enough story? Don’t despair. We are not just executors of your strategy editorially, in fact, we prefer to get in there before it gets to that stage. 

We can create the vision, strategy, messaging, execution and carry out the media relations. We recently created all these elements for the SJL Foundation’s national start-up business awards. From the vision and concept down to organising the event, Coverage has been wall to wall ever since and is still coming through weeks later.
Broadcast Ready PR get two start-up businesses on TV News
Broadcast Ready PR made the dreams come true for EmPads entrepreneur Jennifer Jia, and RunTrack entrepreneur Marvin Onu, netting them their first ever TV interviews and a journalist’s report on their new business on both ITV News London and BBC Look East.
New Broadcast Ready PR client gets on radio 11 times in her first month
We cleverly dubbed travel expert, Sheila Stamp, as the female Simon Calder as part of a genius media strategy, as we know how journalists think! It worked. We introduced Sheila to key journalists and in her first month with us she did 11 radio interviews in one day.
Some things people have said about us in the last few weeks
“A major shoutout to the wonder woman Kerry Hopkins for making dreams come true!” said Cambridge Uni PhD student and entrepreneur Jennifer Jia of EmPads.

“You are amazing at what you do, in awe! You always inspire me to strive for the best ….love it!!” said start-up business owner Heather Thurlby, of Female Tradesperson.

“Sarah is thrilled, you’ve made another dream, well done and thanks” said entrepreneur Simon Lancaster of the SJL Foundation and SJL Insurance.

“I just want to give a big THANK YOU to Kerry Hopkins for all the help, motivation and support throughout the SJL Foundation competition. I look forward to working with you” said Marvin Onu of Run Track.

Zaid Garcia needs mankind’s help

Zaid Garcia needs mankind’s help

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