SJL Insurance’s CEO Simon Lancaster’s testimonial on Broadcast Ready PR

by | Apr 24, 2019

Simon Lancaster, founder and CEO of SJL Insurance said: “From the very first moment I met with Kerry Hopkins I knew that her incredible knowledge & expertise, her fierce work ethic and her passion, would propel us to a new level. However, she has already exceeded even that lofty expectation! I would recommend that any individual or business who wants to improve their positive exposure should work with Broadcast Ready PR.”

Simon continued: “We have only been working with Broadcast Ready PR for 2 months, but we have already achieved tangible success. Our staff are buzzing and the place has literally exploded with these phenomenal results, our website has seen a big spike in views in one day by 4,000% in one day and my own personal biog page on the website increased views by 3,100%, our message has hit millions of people and we have seen a big upturn in enquiries and sales. We partnered with Broadcast Ready PR initially to gain us media exposure, but the partnership has since grown to them also taking over all of our PR – including our social media, our website, our SEO, press, online and broadcast, events, strategic partnerships and all of our external communications.”

Zaid Garcia needs mankind’s help

Zaid Garcia needs mankind’s help

My heart was moved into action last night when I found out this teenage boy for the first time on YouTube. Aged 2, a candle by his cot set it alight and he got 80% burns. The boy's name is Zaid Garcia from Mexico (or his mum is) and he now lives in Texas, USA. The...