We get lots of opportunities coming in for TV and radio appearances which journalists want our clients to fulfil, and it can be frustrating at times when we have to turn those opportunities down. We also create opportunities when talking to journalists about other things. It’s essential to be able to move quickly when they come in, and it’s not the time to start negotiations about fees needed for us to set up interviews and to put all the logistics in place when producers are clamouring for confirmation.

But if you want to hear about all the opportunities that are relevant for you, we have a new option for members who are not yet ready to commit to a regular retainer.

You may be getting the odd opportunity through from Kerry Hopkins already, but infrequent is the operative word as we can’t send all relevant opportunities through to people who aren’t paying for the appropriate level of service, as we have overheads like any business does. That means, if you do put money on account, you’ll get opportunities come your way quicker and more frequently.

Think of a budget that is suitable for you and that will cover our costs and input, pledge that money on account and then everything is in place for when the next opportunity arises. Want to know more? Contact us on 44 (0)7900 981 751 for a chat or email expert at broadcastready.co.uk